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Review: Hidden Thorns by Melissa Bennett

Rating: Five Stars, 5/5.

From Amazon: Recently divorced after thirty years of marriage, Lil is on her own for the first time. The last thing she anticipates is an exciting new relationship... or a stalker. After Lil gets a series of disturbing hang-up calls, roses and cryptic notes start showing up in her home. Through a series of church connections, her case is expedited into the hands of Detective Michael Corsey. Lil never expected to have feelings for someone so soon after her divorce, but the relationship is a complication that will transform both of their lives. Unfortunately, their growing romance emboldens Lil’s stalker. His threats increase, testing Lil's faith and friendships, while endangering her second chance at love and life.

Stacie's Review: What an absorbing novel! I read this book in less than two days--I couldn't put it down. I immediately fell in the love with the main character, Lil, and kept praying for her to find the happiness she so obviously deserved. I love how upbeat and faithful Lil was throughout her challenges and the relationships she had (her friendship with Katie was awesome) and those she built throughout the novel. The author's writing is beautiful. The story flows and is an easy read. I highly recommend it this for those who love contemporary and inspirational fiction--and a great love story to boot!


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