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The Beautiful Gate 

Lindsay Yang is forced to spend the month of June at her grandparents’ farm a lifetime away in rural Indiana. She's told that her grandparents need a hand after her grandma suffered a stroke, but Lindsay suspects there is something more going on. She is not happy with the news given that it’s her summer break and a new romance has just started to bloom with her longtime friend. Lindsay has to adjust to a new life on the farm, getting to know grandparents she barely knows, while trying to maintain a semblance of her former life. Her attempts to do so are thwarted at every turn by farm life and an annoying boy named Ryan who seems to always be around. When her grandma suffers a second stroke, she learns how to be a caregiver and takes on more responsibility. When the end of June nears, Lindsay has a big decision to make—stay with her recovering grandparents and a boy she just can’t shake—or return to the life she has waiting for her at home. 


Compassionate Warrior

Ten-year-old Cayden loves baseball more than life itself. His greatest wish is to play for his dad, but his father's time is devoted to his older brother's team, just because he came along first. Cayden is determined to get his dad's attention through his fantastic play, but when a fly ball lands on his face instead of his mitt, Cayden's life is forever changed. He can't play baseball and the injury may be partly responsible for a visual processing challenge that lands him in occupational therapy. When karate is the only sport he's allowed to participate in, will he embrace it or let it beat him? 

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