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Freedom for Me: A Chinese Yankee

An action-adventure story for all ages 10 and up! Civil War is raging in America and fifteen-year-old Thomas Beck doesn't quite fit. He's neither black nor white, slave nor free, and yet, Thomas dreams of becoming a Yankee and joining the fight for freedom. After successfully sneaking into the Union Army, Thomas gets his wish, but he's a Chinese Yankee--different in looks and hairstyle, but not in heart. Finding himself unwelcome by either blue or gray, Thomas forms an unlikely friendship with a runaway slave as the fight moves toward a pivotal moment in Gettysburg. 

Published in 2022 by Farmer's Lane Press.  
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Voices from the Pandemic 

Memoirs from the front lines and from every facet of society as 2020 saw a once-in-century pandemic, civil unrest, and a highly-charged presidential election. Includes "Pocket of Peace" by Stacie Haas, contributing author.  
Published in October 2020 by Headline Books. Edited by Don Helin.  

Indies Unlimited 2016 Editors' Choice Anthology

An anthology of winning flash fiction contest entries featuring "Sunrise" by Stacie Haas. Click here to learn more. 
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