Freedom for Me: A Chinese Yankee

A moving novel about a Chinese soldier who served in the American Civil War.

Fifteen-year-old Thomas Beck enlists in the army to prove that there can be Chinese Yankees in the American Civil War, but he finds that comradery with his fellow soldiers is difficult to come by--his Chinese queue, or long braid, is a constant reminder to the other boys that Thomas is different. It's a challenge that even giving battle alongside them doesn't remedy. But when Thomas befriends a runaway slave and the war wages on toward a pivotal moment in Gettysburg, Thomas begins to understand why he's fighting and the true meaning of freedom in America. Five-star rated by Readers' Favorite. Available in paperback and Kindle e-Book. Purchase on or Barnes &

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About Freedom for Me:
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Written by Stacie Haas for use by teachers, librarians, and homeschooling parents and caregivers.

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