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Book Review: Touch

Contemporary Young Adult & Literary Fiction, Five Stars

(*Not recommended for under age 15).

Touch by Rebecca Miller is the story of two troubled teens, Megan and Shawn, whose lives intersect in a small town and are changed forever. Megan and her brothers are starting over in a new town, a fresh start their father says, after the tragic death of their mother four years earlier. Shawn is a troubled teen—everyone in town knows it—but none could fathom the actual circumstances of his life. Megan finds herself immediately drawn to Shawn and he to her, but it’s a pull that threatens both of their lives. They find moments of peace at a hidden quarry, but beyond that safe place, there is nowhere for them to hide from reality—and when it comes for all of them, no one is prepared for what happens next.

Rebecca Miller's Touch is utterly breathtaking. To say it is a page turner is not quite right, and yet it definitely is that. It’s also much more. It’s an absorbing and emotional journey into the lives and hearts of two young teens who must reckon with the ugly side of life that no one ever wants to think about and explores what transpires when there’s no choice but to face it. In the end it is a beautiful story that shows that love absolutely demands the pursuit of joy, no matter the cost. Weaving through the story is a theme of beauty through Megan’s rekindled artistic talent and the characteristics of a hummingbird, which are intimately connected, and brought forth through the book’s cover image and story. Never have I read a book and felt the connection between cover art and story in such a profound way. A note to readers: this story deals with trauma and sexual abuse so, while this is a book for young adults, it should only be read by those able to deal with mature themes, as noted by the author herself. This was a book I’m not soon to forget. Touch is an amazing work of literary fiction at its finest.

Originally reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


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