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Review: Restart in Bristol

Restart in Bristol book cover

Review: Five Stars

Restart in Bristol by Sedona Hutton is high-octane love story about love that got away and dares to reignite. Like a dangerous restart on a NASCAR racetrack after a crash, a restart in love can be just as precarious. Holly Nicholson is a big-animal veterinarian who has followed her career dreams to the small town of Serenity, a place much like the small town where she was allowed to grow roots with her first true love, Curtis “CC” Clark. Now engaged to a stable doctor, Holly thinks she’s on the verge of having everything she’s ever wanted—until she runs into CC. A former NASCAR truck driver, CC’s successful racing career has veered off track and led him into the same town as the girl he’s never been able to forget. What will the pair do when their feelings resurface—turn away from each other or find a way to overcome the debris in the roadway of their relationship?

Restart in Bristol is a fun ride, full of romantic tension and the longing for home over all else. In addition to the enticing push and pull of Holly and CC’s relationship, of which there is much to love, there is also a fantastic set of secondary characters, including Holly’s eccentric cousin, Skye, who has an exciting storyline of her own, and characters from earlier books in the Racing Hearts in Serenity series. Restart in Bristol can be read as a standalone book—as I read it—and I’m confident it would be wonderful within the series, too, as it brings back “friends” from the other novels. Hutton’s Restart in Bristol is a quick, delightful read that will satisfy your longing for love—or perhaps a romantic restart. Recommended.

Originally reviewed for Readers' Favorite, April 2020.

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