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Review: Greg's First Adventure In Time by C.M. Huddleston

Title: Greg's First Adventure in Time: A Time Travel Adventure into Prehistoric America (Adventures in Time Book 1)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Middle grade historical fiction

Publication Date: November 24, 2014

Greg's First Adventure in Time by C.M. Huddleston is a time-travel adventure story that finds Greg, a Minecraft playing, curious son of an archaeologist mom, transported to a prehistoric time. He happens upon a Native American boy named Hopelf, who mistakenly identifies Greg as Talliopka, God of the Stone. The two develop an easy friendship in challenging circumstances, as Greg accompanies Hopelf on the third year of his journey to prove his manhood and readiness to take on a wife among his people. Greg's First Adventure in Time is a fantastic story for young readers (and adults, too). Told in first person, Greg's voice is both funny, informative, and appropriate for a twelve-year-old boy. The reader is able to discover the traditions and ways of another culture through Greg's experiences--each of them delightful, engaging, and immersive for the reader. In many ways, this is a coming of age story as Greg learns to skin his first animal, embarks on a moose hunt, and employs his newly-honed skills to save his friend's life after a bear attack. We become part of the indigenous culture of Hopelf along with Greg. Along the way, the reader also learns about archaeological and historical facts about such things as features, gorgets, and travoises. In my opinion, there is no better way to learn and enjoy history than through a book written like this. I'm eager to read Greg's Second Adventure in Time. I highly recommend this book for all middle-grade readers.

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