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Flash Fiction Winner: By the Light of the Moon

New Mexico Full Moon, by K.S. Brooks

“Do you want to dance by the light of the moon, Katie, like the old folk song says?”

“Don’t be a nerd. I’m no buffalo gal.”

“You have no sense of adventure.”

“Let me guess, Asher. You find the moon romantic.”

“It’s brightening up a dark blue sky; we’re lying on a blanket in a New Mexico desert. Nothing could create a better mood.”

“It’s big and bright alright. It’s looming up there, reminding us we have no power and no control over what happens. It makes me feel small—and alone. Considering the news we may get tomorrow, doesn’t it worry you?”

“Like a bad omen? Nah.” Ash laid his hand on his wife’s swollen, pregnant belly. “We have an amniocentesis tomorrow. It’s a test, that’s all. And it’s not pass/fail.”

“It could change everything. I’m not ready.”

“It won’t change what is, only what we thought it was. The results will give us knowledge, and with that, power, and some of that control you want. Dance with me.”

“Why’re you so content?” Kate allowed herself to be pulled upright.

“Because I see a beautiful, blooming mother in the light of a New Mexico moon, Katie. You are so deeply in love with our son and that’s perfect. The rest doesn’t have to be.”

In Asher’s arms, Kate couldn’t help but smile at the moon-lit spark in his eyes and let herself be swayed under the moon’s light. They danced until the sun came up on a new day.

This is my entry to a Flash Fiction contest on It was the winning entry. Photo credit: KS Brooks.

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