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Review: Veiled Blessings by Melissa Bennett

Rating: Five Stars, 5/5

First, a bit of disclosure: Melissa Bennett is a friend of mine and a fellow author published by 50/50 Press. Please don't let that dissuade you from appreciating my review. As a paid reviewer for Readers' Favorite with my own rating of 4.6 for thoughtful and thorough reviews, I am able to maintain my objectivity, though not my enthusiasm for this book!

First, the description from Katie Prentice has a successful career, a strong church family, and a large group of friends. But she has been alone ever since her beloved husband, Peter, suddenly passed away. Jackson Sinclair is the newest doctor at All Saints Children’s Hospital, and when he meets Katie, he knows he has to see her again. Katie is intrigued, but the ghost of her husband haunts her, and she may not be ready to move on. Just when Katie feels as if she’s made her decision, Jackson tells her about his past. And suddenly, Peter isn’t the only ghost haunting their relationship. This newest entry in Melissa Bennett’s “Impossible Grace” series is a sweet Christian romance in which God’s love, grace, and mercy are demonstrated by the characters in real, heartfelt ways.

I absolutely loved Veiled Blessings! It was wonderful to revisit with Lil and Michael after Bennett's first book, Hidden Thorns, but I absolutely loved getting to know this book's main character, Lil's best friend, Katie. This novel takes you on Katie's journey to trust God's plan for her life--a choice that may seem easy, but is, in fact, incredibly difficult. There is most definitely risk, and as Katie finds, incredible happiness if she can only step out in faith. The journey is what matters and I truly enjoyed walking with Katie through hers. Veiled Blessings is a standalone book, but I highly recommend both of Bennett's novels and can't wait for the next one!


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