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Freedom for Me: The Second Edition

Why a second edition?

The first edition of Freedom for Me was published in 2017 by Melody Press, an imprint of 50/50 Press, Inc. Due to the pandemic and other factors, the publishing house closed in 2021. To keep Freedom for Me available to readers, I had to seek another publisher and release a second edition.

Is the second edition different than the first?

Yes and no. The story itself has not changed significantly, although I did take the liberty of improving several chapters, make some minor corrections known only to me, and briefly expand the Author’s Note about the history of Chinese soldiers in the Civil War. Ultimately, if you read and/or purchased the first edition, there is no need to purchase the second edition—unless, of course, you want it because of the other changes made by the new publisher, Farmer’s Lane Press.

What is new?

  • The Cover. The most exciting difference is the new cover art. Thomas, the main character, was drawn by an extremely talented artist, Mousam Banerjee, who brought my vision of Thomas to life and gave my book the cover I’d always envisioned. I was also able to add some of the awards Freedom for Me earned on the front and back covers and write a new book description.

  • New Hardcover Book: The second edition is available in a new hardcover version for those among you that cherish the scent and feel of a hardcover book for reading, for keeping on a bookshelf, or for passing on to a future generation.

  • Paperback: The paperback now has a trim size and reduced price that better reflects the middle grade market. Both hardcopy formats are printed in a beautiful matte finish that just feels good in your hands if you love printed books.

  • The eBook: It was redesigned and is now available free to Amazon Kindle Select members (for a limited time) and for purchase on Amazon. Soon, it will be available on other digital platforms.

  • Interior design. The interior layout of the book has been designed to my preferences and to better align with the market.

Ultimately, I’ve put forth my absolute best effort on my second edition. It reflects me in every way, from the words I spent years writing and now to every other aspect of the book. (I told my husband that receiving the proof copy of my new paperback was even more exciting than the first time four years ago—and it was true. I was all tears and nervous energy. Simply ecstatic).

If you’ve not yet read Freedom for Me, I’m so excited that you will get to experience it for the first time this way. If you already read it, thank you! I invite you to check out the new edition and ask that, if you are willing, to share news of its availability and leave honest reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.


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