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Review: In This Life by Christine Brae

Rating: Five Stars, 5/5

In This Life by Catherine Brae follows a young doctor, Anna Dillon, as she navigates her life journey—one that is marked by love and heartache. Helping her navigate along the way are the two most important men in her life: Dante, her best friend and the man who has seen her through everything, and Jude, the man with whom she had a 10-day passionate affair of the heart while on a mission in Thailand. When she must travel home to attend her mother’s funeral, Anna is bereft at having to leave Jude behind, knowing that his plans are already set for his life. When Anna doesn’t hear from Jude for five long years, she allows herself to fall in love with a man she’s loved her entire life. When Jude resurfaces, will she choose her husband or the man she’s never been able to forget?

Ripe with emotional punches on nearly every page, Christine Brae has undoubtedly written a bona fide page turner with her novel, In This Life. It is a fast-paced rollercoaster ride with unexpected twists and turns that you can feel with Anna as she is whipped around from one emotional wallop to another. It’s most definitely a love triangle story and it’s also a love story between true friends with complications deeper than you’d expect—questions of faith and faithfulness, secrets and regrets, and forgiveness. I highly recommend you read In This Life and strap in for an emotionally charged wild ride that has an unexpected, though satisfying, ending.

Originally reviewed for Readers' Favorite.

In This Life Book Cover

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