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Book Review: Undercover Chefs by Erin Fry

Cover of Undercover Chefs reviewed by Stacie Haas

Published: February 24, 2018

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction

Undercover Chefs follows three students: Isaac, a Junior Olympic track star under immense pressure to succeed; JC, a scooter aficionado whose school work suffers because of his responsibilities at home; and Jane, a young girl who feels she isn't good at anything nor belongs anywhere except when she's creating art. What do they have in common? A passion for baking. When they find themselves involved in a baking contest that could determine the future of their school, the trio must confront their own struggles in their personal lives to live out their passion--and just maybe find themselves.

Ms. Fry has written a delightful story, one that truly captures the spirit of the three characters and sets them on an exciting journey that none of them quite intended or expected. In fact, the characterization in this novel is excellent. All of the characters, especially the three students, are interesting and easy to love and relate to. Undercover Chefs has an interesting plot, including some unexpected twists and turns, and the pace is appropriate for the intended middle-grade audience. This is a story that will be thoroughly enjoyed and one which comes to a satisfying conclusion. I anticipate this novel will be appealing to young people across the spectrum, and at a time of highly popular baking and cooking shows, the "chef" parts of this book have great appeal (including the tasty recipes included). I highly recommend this book for young people and adults who enjoy quality middle grade and young adult fiction.

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