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Early Reviews for Freedom for Me

Freedom for Me: A Chinese Yankee Ad

Early reviews for Freedom for Me: A Chinese Yankee are steadily appearing on As authors, we are incredibly grateful for anyone who is willing to not only purchase our books, but who also take the time to leave their honest feedback. A sampling of the five-star reviews follow.

If any of these comments pique your interest, please check out the book on or It is available for purchase by libraries and schools at a 50 percent discount through Ingram Spark.

“An Epic Civil War Novel for All Ages”

A truly moving story set during the Civil War that kept me at full attention throughout. The author has masterfully brought history to life in this epic book for all ages. I quickly found myself engrossed in "Freedom for Me" and never did I wish for the book to end.

--Mark Meyer


Based on a real Union soldier, this book is FANTASTIC! I was drawn in immediately to Thomas, the young Chinese-American boy, who enlists in the Union army. It is thought provoking, beautifully detailed, and a wonderful read, regardless if you are part of the target audience of middle grade, or an adult! More than simple entertainment. This is a great read. Go get it!


“Amazing, Intriguing, Beautifully-Written Book”

I liked this book very much. Freedom for Me: a Chinese Yankee taught me a lot of things. I never thought of how the Chinese people were treated during the Civil War. It introduced a whole new side of history for me. It was insanely hard to stop reading and so I had to bring it up to bed with me so that I wouldn't have to stop. I love the transformation of Henry and the charictorizatition of Elias. As a middle schooler, I do recommend this book. It is much better than American Girl Doll books. The book has an amazing plot line and is beautifully written all together.

--Lydia, middle school student

“Loved this Book from Beginning to End”

Loved this book from beginning to end! Knowing that the book was based on a real life character made me try to "connect" with his thoughts and feelings. Seeing the war and the reason for it through this Chinese Yankee, Thomas' perspective made it so real to me. Thankfully, the world is full of courageous people like Thomas to bring awareness of prejudices and fighting for justice. I liked learning more about this history while seeing it from the perspective of someone who had a lot of fight from deep within. I highly recommend this book for all ages!


“Fantastic Read”

Beautiful and engaging story about an untold minority point of view. All Americans can relate to the pride in serving our country for freedom of all citizens. The author paints a realistic version of civil war battles and history of the time. I would recommend for all ages. I could not put this book down.


“A Beautiful and Visceral Novel”

It affected me viscerally and I loved it. It felt so real and I was able to strongly connect with it immediately. I love how it touches on many of the heavy issues of war in such a humane and concise way. The writing was beautiful, the characterizations were awesome, and it was gripping. I cannot recommend this book enough.

--John Y.

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