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Cover Reveal

My publisher, 5050 Press, is hosting a virtual cover reveal party on June 9th. That day, 5050 Press will reveal the book covers of six of its upcoming books, including my novel, Freedom for Me: A Chinese Yankee. I hope you’ll follow @fiftyfiftypress on Twitter and 5050 Press on Facebook to take a look. I’m confident you’ll be as excited as I am when, at last, the cover is revealed.

5050 Press Cover Reveal Party June 9, 2017

I looked at initial cover design concepts last week. Words cannot describe that first look at your book cover design. The whole “name in lights” thing is quite stunning. It’s a profound moment in which you think, ‘Ok, this may actually be happening.’

I am blessed to work with a great publisher and its two co-owners, Stephen Hall and Megan Cassidy. They were excited to share first concepts, listened to my feedback, and worked with me to develop a cover we can all be truly excited about.

5050 Press had a challenge on their hands with my cover—after all, depicting a Chinese Yankee is a difficult task given that there weren’t very many of them. You can’t find much when you search for photos or art with “Chinese” and “yankee” in the search boxes. They did manage to find an image that would work, but after some discussion we decided to design the cover around the actual Chinese Yankee that inspired my book. I won’t reveal too much in this space, but suffice it to say, it came together beautifully and it makes me even more excited about this journey.

Mark your calendars on June 9th to check out the reveal, and come back to Author Aspirations for a recap of my thoughts on the process on June 10th.

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