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"Under Consideration"

My novel is “under consideration” by not one, but two traditional publishers. I queried both after they favorited my #PitMad pitches. The first responded THE SAME DAY with a “request for full.” Afterwards, the editor said she would get back to me within a specified time period and if I needed an answer sooner, she would do her best to move my manuscript up on her reading list. I was pleasantly surprised by the quickness of her return emails as well as her cordiality. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m sure everyone seems nicer when they request your full manuscript than when they politely decline.

I got the second request for a full about a week after I submitted my #PitMad query. I actually got the request for a full on a Saturday night after my husband and I had put our kids to bed and were enjoying our quiet time in front of the TV. I couldn’t believe it. I st

Under Consideration, Author Aspirations, Stacie Haas

ill can’t. I sent my full manuscript off to them on the following Monday and got confirmation that my manuscript was under consideration. I still need someone to pinch me—I’m having trouble wrapping my arms around it.

Since then, I’ve tried to manage the agony of waiting by working on my platform—a necessary part of being a writer. I am grateful that I got started with my website, blog and Twitter account about a year ago because it takes time and a lot of work to create a platform from scratch. I’ve made some mistakes along the way, but I think the best way to learn is to simply dive in and start tweeting, start web designing, and start writing the blog. The one thing I found myself trying to do at times was to change who I am to get a certain type of follower or publisher to notice and follow me. I think now that’s the absolute wrong thing to do. I want to succeed as me and only me. And I think I can get there just being who I am—maybe a better version of myself as the great Christian author Matthew Kelly says—but myself nonetheless.

I’ve been exploring other social media outlets as well. Goodreads is one I’m beginning to love. I love to read and it’s great to have a place for good recommendations and to share my thoughts about the books I have finished. I would love to someday be a Goodreads author! I’ve also looked into Tumblr (not sold yet) and StumbleUpon (not sure), and I’ve worked to beef up my Twitter followers by researching methods and strategies for the tool. Much of research I’ve read about author platforms is to pick three outlets and focus energy on doing those three extremely well, but I’m keeping an open mind.

I’m also really working to augment my marketing plan for my novel. I already had a basic plan in place, but I’m further developing each of the sections. There are a host of associations and bloggers dedicated to the mission of Asian outreach, awareness, and celebrations. I’m in the process of sorting through a massive list to narrow down which I’d like to research further. I am excited about executing the many strategies and tactics in my plan under the guidance of a great publisher. I would love to have a partner in this journey.

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