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Book Review: Finding Home by Jackie Weger

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Fiction, Southern; Romance

Phoebe Hawley is on a mission to find a new home for her family. She’s got her twelve-year-old sister, Maydean, and five-year-old brother, Willie-Boy, in tow, and a ma, pa, and sister waiting in Cottontown for news that’s she found them a place. Phoebe is ferocious about her quest and won’t be derailed at any cost—not by lack of food, gas, or the unknown—and certainly not by the intolerable Gage Morgan, who holds her car bumper and tags hostage after the two are involved in a car accident. As she’s busy devising a scheme to get her bumper back, Phoebe and her family happen upon Gage’s home. Others may see a junkyard, but Phoebe sees a land of opportunity. Now that she’s found a home, can she find a way to make it hers?

I found Finding Home by Jackie Weger to be an irresistible read. Its originality is absolutely refreshing—like a cool sip of lemonade spiked with a splash of that special something. Finding Home just drips with Southern charm and oozes wit and spirit. Proud of her family roots and “Hawley” pride, twenty-four-year-old Phoebe is not your typical female protagonist. In pursuit of her mission to rehome her family, she figures seduction of the stubborn Gage Morgan is the only way to make it happen—not a simple task for an inexperienced woman with unkempt red hair and the shape of a skinny, flat-chested boy.

What’s absolutely delightful is that Phoebe’s beguiling attributes are actually found on the inside—she is fierce, resourceful, and absolutely intoxicating in her determination to make a home out a junkyard, of all places. Whether she’s learning how to catch crabs for money, trying to steer Maydean properly, caring for Willie-Boy during an asthma attack, or exasperating her unexpected landlord, Phoebe is a force to be reckoned with. This is not your typical romance—it is so much more. Highly recommended!

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